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Françoise Oostwegel

Françoise Oostwegel

Françoise Oostwegel was born in the Netherlands and lives in Maastricht that is in the south of the Netherlands.

She graduated in July 2014 at the Academie of Fine arts and Design in Maastricht MAFAD. She graduated with lamp ZUID. These lamps are the start of her career as a designer. In November 2014 she started her own Design studio Çedille by Françoise Oostwegel.

Her creations are inspired by retro design and artefacts. By applying out-of-the-ordinary materials and colours, she reinvigorates them; she recycles old materials and products by giving them a second life. She recently opened her own design store in the heart of Maastricht NL. Studio Çedille Design offers a platform for young designers. This studio is also her workplace where she also sales all her products.

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