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Designer: Paul Heijnen


Completely layered by hand a simple buildingblock or "unit"is repeated in a stereometric order, constructing self-organizing fractal based structures with variable complexity or "resolution"
The materialization of the Unity globe lights is an effort to show aesthetics are nothing more than reflections of nature itself.
Nature that develops out of and into itself is "beautiful" and is always present in ourselves, humans are nature and they are part of and also the result of evolution. Accordingly, when humans learn to know something or come to know, it ultimately reveals their own nature. Our knowledge which has developed in and is subject to the laws of nature is in itself nature, including art.

This concept allows for further modifications and therefore further levels of morphological complexity and so, this study will continue.

Designer : Paul Heijnen

Material : Finsa Color MDF /(Coated steel/stainless steel version on comission)

Each Globe consisting of 1080 individual, hand assembled modular buildingblocks this piece is made to order and as such size, colour & materials are fully customisable

Dimensions : H85 cm x L85 cm x W85 cm

Delivery between 10 and 12 week (may vary depending on selected size).

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